The new Allan Harris album is on sale now.  See what everyone's talking about with this new release (February 12, 2021.)  This is a personally autographed copy of the CD plus the un-edited single of Run Through America available only here.

Kate's Soulfood

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  • 10 songs composed by Allan Harris featuring:  Allan Harris - voice, guitars; Shirazette Tinnin - drums; Nimrod Speaks - bass; Arcoiris Sandoval - piano; Grégoire Maret - harmonica; David Castañeda - percussion; Curtis Taylor - trumpet; Alex Budman - alto saxophone; Keith Fiddmont - tenor saxophone; Ondre J Pivec - organ; Tonga Ross-Ma'u - guitar; on Color Of A Woman Background voices: Daneen Wilburn, Jordan Wilburn, Whitley Wilburn, Children’s voices: Angela Whitley, James Whitley, David Whitley, Micah Whitley, Jr.